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Create a new index

Creating a new index is extremely simple.

If that's your first time creating an index on Orama Cloud, you will see the following screen:

First-time welcome screen on Orama Cloud

Here, you can select the type of index you want to create.

You have the option to import a file (either JSON or CSV), connect to an e-commerce platform (we currently support Shopify and Elasticpath, with more native integrations coming soon), or implement a custom integration by connecting your Orama Index to a REST API or WebHook.

For this guide, we will use a JSON file. You can follow along using this dataset.

Click on "Import from files", and complete the next screen as you prefer:

Uploading a file to Orama Cloud

Once you click on "Create index", Orama will create an empty index for you:

Empty Orama index

Here you can upload a JSON file, and Orama will show you a preview of the first document found in it.

You can use this information to write the searchable properties schema:

Writing the searchable properties schema

Remember that you can only perform search and filter through properties that are present in the search schema.

To make Orama faster, read the Optimizing Orama: Schema Optimization article on our blog.

Now you only need to determine if you want to perform vector/hybrid search on your index. If so, you should enable "Automatic Embeddings Generation". Refer to this guide to learn more about this feature.

Automatic embeddings generation

Once you selected the properties to generate the embeddings from, click on "Save and deploy" to release your index.

Deploying Orama

After the deployment process is finished, you'll be able to see an endpoint and a public API key. You can use these two parameters for performing search using the Orama Client SDK.