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Plugin Nextra

Nextra is a static site generator for Next.js, which provides an easy and effective way to create a blog or a documentation website.

Orama provides its own official plugin to be integrated with Nextra.


You can install the plugin using any major Node.js package manager:

npm install @orama/plugin-nextra


This plugin takes advantage of the built-in Nextra API to automatically generate the search index depending on the current locale. Therefore, multiple locales are supported out of the box.

After the installation via the package manager of your choice, you can import the plugin in your theme.config.jsx file:

import { OramaSearch } from '@orama/plugin-nextra'

export default {
  // ...
  search: {
    component: OramaSearch,
  // ...

And that's it! The Orama plugin will do the rest for you.